Allergies during House Cleaning

Allergies arise during House-Cleaning

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Allergies usually arise because of unhygienic work or living environment. To be able to stop them it is vital for you to keep your house free of dust and allergens that cause ailments like cold, congestion, cough etc.. These are regarded as the common complaints of allergies and whether you are a professional housekeeper or cleansing your home by yourself, it is very important to follow particular tips which can help keep your family safe during the allergy season. By knowing what to clean and how to clean it you can reduce the allergens from the air and thus relieve suffering while reducing the dependence on allergy medications.

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And One of the most common allergens found in the home are pollen, dust mites and animal dander. Additionally, cleaning the areas where they lurk can go a long way towards lessening the symptoms of allergies. The three most important areas for Chicago cleaning services to focus on and some tips to help you to alleviate the risk of allergens are awarded as follows:


While cleansing bedrooms, it is necessary to change the linens every day and wash them in warm water at least once every week. In order to stop pollen allergies and hay fever, it is required to dry the sheets in clothes dryer and not outside. In addition to regular changing of these bed sheets, it is also recommended that you vacuum under the mattress and prevent storing anything under them. These may act as dust traps and make cleaning even harder.

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Be sure that you also clean supporting the dressers, couches and other big pieces of furniture which remain stationary as these are considered to be areas with maximum allergens. It’s sensible to do the above at least once every three months.


Just a little bit of prevention can go a long way towards reducing mold and mildew that are considered to be the main causes of allergies. Since bathrooms have a tendency to get wet often, you should avoid getting completely carpeted floors. Alternatively, you can use a washable bathroom mat on ceramic tile or vinyl flooring. After using the restroom, it is reasonable to conduct an exhaust fan or dehumidifier to maintain the bathroom dry.

It is also very important to pay particular focus on the shower curtains as mold can grow on them as well if they’re not washed frequently. Prevention of mold in turn can help keep asthma at bay.


Any front, side or back doors should be given regular and thorough cleaning. It is wise to vacuum doors that are frequently used at least two times per week and in case you have pets, every day.

So use it when you clean and make certain that your housekeeper does exactly the exact same.

If you’re getting your carpet cleaning montreal then you would be better off making your expectations clear upfront. Furthermore, taking special care of these areas will determine if your home remains allergy-free or not.

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